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Calypso's 6th Birthday
Calypso's 6th birthday went ok for me. It was the days following that were extremely hard for me. But I would like to share some things from her 6th birthday.

First is a poem I wrote a few months ago for my angel.

 I have a little baby
That no one else can see
However I can tell
She always walks beside me

Sometimes I feel her more
Than any other time
But I just know like any mom
That she is one of mine.

She was here a little while
Then she had to go
And she took a bit of heart 
Wherever she did go

Now she walks beside me
For all of my life
Making sure I feel her near
And to wipe away tears of strife

I will not forget my Pi
Because she is not far
She is always near to me
She is my shining star.

Now for her Birthday


Me with my love

Her Super Cape

We had ocean themed cupcakes for her birthday this year. One was on her grave too

From some dear friends