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Calypso's 9th Birthday
For this birthday I decided to do a memorial project where I made stars to look like stained glass and put angel names on them. You'll be able to see them in the photos below.

This year was a bit easier than last but the pain and grief as always seems to come and go. We also went to the beach in Virginia for the first time for Calypso's birthday. We went on the 18th but I have photos to share from that too. It was such a special visit.

Now for photos from Virginia in which Calypso's Molly Bear had some adventures for her! These were taken between June 18-June 23, 2016!

Calypso Bear with her big sisters on the boardwalk!

Full moon on the Summer Solstice!

Meeting the Mothman in Point Pleasant, WV

It was an amazing trip in memory of our girl and we plan to go back next year! It was fabulous and I let go of a message in a bottle for my sweet girl.

Happy 9th Birtday sweet Calypso
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