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"Sometimes Love is a Moment. Sometimes Love is a Lifetime. Sometimes a Moment is a Lifetime" Unknown

If I were going to sum up Calypso's life I could do it in a few but powerful words. A short life that spanned the sea. Calypso Paikea Rhyder, her very name came from the sea. She was my ocean baby. Only 3 weeks and 2 days she spent with us, but her name has touched thousands of hearts and has rested on hundreds of seashores. Some day I'll see her again, but in the meantime I pray Calypso's name continues to touch on different shores and land on different hearts.

9 years. How does one sum up 9 years? As an age and as 9 years of grief? Calypso would be 9 years old and I look back as I remember her and look at her photos and her sisters and try to picture who she would be today. It's hard because how well did I know her? Not nearly enough.
I know she had dark brown hair that looked blond at times. I don't know the color of her eyes. I have a picture in my head of what she would look like though. A lovely beautiful hazel eyed girl with long curly hair. She would be beautiful. but this isn't the reality that I know. So I sit and I dream and I wonder and I hope that when I see her again I'll get to see what she looks like.

9 years it seems like a long time but in the reality it has gone by so fast. I can still remember the pain. Other times it's almost hard to believe that she existed and that it did happen. Then the reality hits me again and yes she existed she was here and I won't let anyone say otherwise.

Calypso, my ocean baby, I love you. We are visiting the ocean on June 18, 2016 for the first time since he was born and died. I hope to find some peace there. Maybe a bit of solace. It won't take my pain completely, but maybe I will find a bit of my heart there.

As it says in a song that I sang to her while she lived:

I can still hear your voice on the trade winds
I can still taste your tears on the foam
But the lure of the tide that I'm feeling inside
Will not rest till my heart finds it's home

Now my heart is the heart of the ocean
There are storms from the sea in my soul
I'm restless and deep
And before I can sleep
I must go......where the black waters roll

Calypso died at 23 days of age from renal failure that was a direct complication of an intestinal infection called NEC. NEC stands for Necrotizing Enterocolitis. NEC is an infection that kills the lining of the small intestines and renders it completely useless and dead. However NEC can spread to other areas and cause body wide issues. Calypso fought for 2 weeks against the NEC and against Renal Failure. We found out the day before she died that the NEC was gone but it was too late.

As many as 40% of babies who get NEC die of it. That's a crazy high amount especially for an infection that they don't even know the cause of. Hopefully someday they'll figure out what exactly causes NEC and can erradicate it.

If you would like your child added to Calypso's Angel Friends page please just click the 'Click here to contact the creator of this website' link over on the left hand side at the bottom of the bar. I'd be so happy to add your angel no matter their age. Periodically I go through and leave candles for every angel on my list.

Latest Condolences
Jane Just a friend July 7, 2014
If there is one thing that I remember about 7-7-07, it is the sad news of Calypso passing.  I kept up with her updates and I thought she was going to make it.  Instead, she "made" angel wings so she could fly.
Rains Mommy Beach ♥ March 9, 2014
Rains Mommy Calypsos Decoration July 9, 2013
Here it really is :)