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Calypso's 1st Birthday
Happy 1st Birthday in Heaven Calypso!
June 14, 2008. 1 Year since we happily welcomed our dear lovely. When she arrived we had no idea how short a time we would have with her. On her first birthday she had the type of day a princess deserves. A Birthday Party, a balloon release, AND a bunch of presents to her grave.

This is the Birthday Card that we got for Calypso

Birthday Cards from others

Her Flowers

Calypso's Balloons

At the cemetery

Grandma and her sister the Balloons and Big Sissy Raeden going to meet them. Auntie Jennifer is in the photo too.

Me (mommy) and balloons

Big Sissy Raeden and her Balloon

Big Sissy Freja

New Toys and Birthday Decorations

Great Grandma and Grandpa Foster

There they go!

Calypso's Birthday Cake


Enjoying cake and cookies

All in all. It was a bittersweet day. We shed tears, but celebrated your life. We love you baby girl. So so much.

I hope that your second birthday in Heaven will be just as special when we celebrate it here on Earth. We know that you are with us in spirit. And I bet you love everything we do in your memory.
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