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    Hey Sweet Baby Angel. I really hope you like the beautiful things we took to your site at Christmas Time.  It was hard to choose what to take to you. But I think the ponies, shells, teddy, and balloon fit. I hope your second Christmas with Jesus and the Angels went well. I miss you princess.
We've almost got the money for your stone all raised. I'm not sure when but we'll be bringing all your treasures home to clean and wash soon so then when your new stone is out there we can take all your toys back out after we fix up your garden.

Melissa Ann Lane

  Hi Sweet Baby Angel. I remember the very first time I touched you. It was bout 2 hours I'd given birth to you. Around 5:30am, they had a bit of trouble getting you stable enough for transport even though you came out trying to cry and with your eyes open.


 So about 5:30 am they come and tell me they are ready to transfer you and I can see you before you go. They wheel you in and you are so so tiny! Laying on your side so sweet! I opened the isolette and i touched you. Oh Sweet Little One, your skin was so so soft, and you were so hairy and beautiful! You had a head of dark hair just like your big sissy's and daddy does.


  Your hands and feet were so so TINY!! I was amazed by you and I still am today.

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